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College Lists
We interview our students to discover everything they dream about in their college. Then we survey the colleges that match each student’s criteria and find colleges that are suitable for both the student and their parents. We set up a game plan to do everything possible to help our young people achieve their college goals! The student will know what is expected of them in order to go to the top college of their choice.
ACT/SAT Preparation
Good test scores are very important for college admission & merit based scholarship competition. One or two more points on the ACT could mean thousands of dollars in extra scholarship funds. We test all of our students to see what they would currently score on both tests. Comparing their score to their college list emphasizes to the students the importance of working to increase their score.
Applications and Essays
We use software and online forms to complete the applications for most of the colleges in the country. College essays are read and proofed for errors in punctuation and grammar. Well-written essays are especially helpful for a student to be accepted by their top college.
Financial Aid Forms
Many people say that the FAFSA and Profile Forms are harder to complete than taxes! Need we say more? Our numbers show that 90% of people who complete the form themselves do it wrong! We complete the form for your family. Even if you make an above average income you might still be eligible for financial aid. We offer many helpful hints that help lower your overall Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
College Resume
The student’s resume can be the competitive edge when it comes to merit based scholarships. Great college resumes contain a combination of leadership positions, advanced or AP classes, and lots of volunteer activities. We help all of our students develop a well-rounded, individualized resume. We participate in 10-14 volunteer activities throughout the year with our students. What a great way to serve our communities!
Outside Scholarships
Outside scholarships are a very unpredictable way to receive money but we have had many students who win these types of scholarships every year. We start with the local and state level scholarships that the students have the best shot of winning. We also look at the students’ gifts or talents and use those to their advantage.
Missing the deadlines is truly one of the main reasons why some students don’t receive financial aid. We help our clients list their deadlines at the beginning of the senior year. Through our guidance our students know the application and merit based scholarship deadlines.
We help support the students in their grades. Thanks to the KEES program in Kentucky, students now get paid for good grades and ACT scores if they attend a Kentucky college. By supporting parents and coaching students in this area we can help a student receive an extra $300-$1000 dollars over four years.
Tuition Cost Game Plan
How do I pay for college? What are my options? These are the questions that we hear the most! We go through financial planning with the parents and set up a game plan based on what they can and cannot afford. We help explain this to the student, who may have their heart set on a college that Mom and Dad can’t afford.


We would like to welcome you to the Class 101 website! We are a national corporation with two objectives: First, we want to help every high school student go through the process of preparing for college. And second, we want to help all parents pay less for college! Contact us at any of our offices for a free consultation!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide families with expert guidance in the college search, admissions, and financial aid process. Our dedicated counselors help high school students identify their college goals as well as support them in the steps necessary to achieve those goals in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our goal is to see our students achieve theirs.

I believe our faith and our families come first in this world and when given a chance to enhance our lives and others, we should take advantage of that opportunity. It’s only in giving of ourselves that we receive. In that philosophy, Class 101 was started. We are here not only to help families save money, but to help make a difference in a young person’s life. That, my friends, is worth everything to me!” Tom Pabin, founder, October 1998

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